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Sunday Morning Goat Yoga (the Goats jump from back to back of people in poses in Yoga) with Humor and Laughter

Lil Bit (Little Bit) is the Goat's Name (red orange collar with hearts)

Gigi is has magenta shoes

3 Female Goats in Tesla's Key of 3


Goat Sound Bath

Plank in Yoga / Planck Einstein in Wave Particle Mechanics

"There is no right in Yoga. It's an attunement with your body." (Pythagorean Dodecahedron + Pythagorean Harmonics)

"If you can be at stillness and in control of your movements, while laughing at the playfulness of the goats, you are a Master."

Story about Floyd the goat as 1950s style Alpha

His horns curl

He walks around like the most handsome goat

Super cool

Part of the group

All girl goats today

But Floyd is the alpha in the group


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