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The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop, Version 95

Incremental raising of vibration (reflected confirmation of Energy Pattern and Frequency on The Miraculist with Frequency Spirals Up) and Tesla’s Key of 3 + Nature + Earth

***You don't want to Quantum Leap to another higher Frequency, you want to do it incrementally, and stabilize it. Relax and vibrate with it.

Frequency Spirals Up


"Miracles are Everywhere"

Version 5 Liebert Particle #3 Proof

Frequency spirals up

Ultimately, all wavelengths favour one specific pathway,

that of the Spiral,

the best way to conserve energy,

to move and cross through barriers,

in the macro and the micro, the spiral is self-intelligent.

Archimedes Spiral

The Miracle is a Proton, 99.999% Energy, a Quanta, a Particle, a Photon, an Atom

The Miracle is a Positive Thought

The Spiral of Positive Emotions

Kinetic Energy of Positive Spiral Up

Frequency Spirals Up


The Path of the Spiral speaks the Language of All Creation, defining the precise meaning of Existence and capturing the Essence of Inertial Form and Kinetic Movement. The Spiral Is therefore the underpinning of the Matrix of Potentiating Life.

Jain 108

Archimedes Principle

We are very interested to see the effects of the most recent energy surges that have been coming up from the core of Mother Earth. We know that you are all affected, but we also realize that you don’t always know how or what to attribute your feelings to. So we are here to tell you that the energetic surges coming up from the Earth’s core have a type of magnetism within them. That magnetism is designed to get all of you to connect more consciously to her and with her.

And the reason why this is more important now than it has been previously is because of the way in which Earth has been raising her vibration. Mother Earth is a lot like us. She is paying very close attention to all of you and determining what it is that you are ready for. When she makes her assessments, she takes into consideration every single person, animal, plant, tree, flower, and blade of grass. She takes into account all of the drops in the ocean and all of the beings living in the ocean.

And sometimes she waits very patiently for all of you to be ready to receive these energetic surges, not all of which are exactly the same. They don’t have the same intended outcome. As we said, you are being not so gently nudged by your planet to connect more with her, and it is for your own benefit to do so. When you are connected with Mother Earth, you also cannot help but receive more from your sun. Your sun is also stepping up the energetic transmissions, because all of you have demonstrated a readiness, a willingness, and an openness to receive and then to purge.

You are going to feel more relaxed and at ease when you connect to Mother Earth, and you certainly are going to feel a higher vibration within you. It’s automatic. You don’t even have to do anything. You just have to spend more time with her, and she is doing the rest. She is raising her vibration incrementally, taking all of you into consideration as she does. And those of you who are aware of these energy surges are really benefiting. Remember, you are there on Earth to lead the rest of humanity through your example.

By demonstrating how powerful an experience connecting with the Earth is, you are giving so much to your fellow humans. People will ask you what your secret is, you will be able to tell them that you have simply been getting out in nature more. And as you feel the love coming up from Mother Earth, that is certainly going to help you maintain a higher vibration, even when you are in the stuffiest of office buildings.


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