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The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop, Version 85

Reward Circuit + Multiplication + Discipline + Belief in Self + 1010 Code

Multiplication + Discipline + Reward = (Nature Rewards Cooperation + Hermetic Alchemy + Proton + Proton) + (Brain Reward Circuit of Rewiring the Neural Networks/Dopamine/Serotonin) + Belief in Self (Goethe’s definition of Magic)

Nature banks on diversity and Nature rewards Cooperation with The Miracle of Chile from Milton Friedman with Nash’s Equilibrium (Economic with Nature and Elegant Cooperation and Partnership)

The Power of 10 with Multiplication

The Power of 10 with Catherine Ponder and the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

The ancients believed that the number ‘ten’ had a magic power of increase. Thus, beginning right now, whenever you think about money, if it be income, outgo, the amount in your checking account, the amount in your wallet, the amount in your savings account or investments, – begin mentally by increasing your supply by thinking of ten times that amount coming to you. This is a delightful and fascinating technique for increasing your money.

For instance look in your wallet. Suppose there is 5$ there. Look at it and declare:

I give thanks that this 5$ is but a symbol of the inexhaustable substance of the universe.

I give thanks that ten times this much or 50$ is now on its way to me and quickly manifests in perfect ways.

Angel Number Patterns in Tesla’s Key of 3 and Pythagoras

TEN TEN TEN – 10-10-10 or 101010

Of late, there have been a lot of references and numerical illuminations

about 1-1-1 and 2-2-2 and 3-3-3 etc

all the way up to 9-9-9, (Nine-Nine-Nine)

and what it means when these triplet numbers appear in your life.

Have you encountered the next progression of 10-10-10

(which can be expressed as 101010 or 101,010)?

Since 10, which digitally compressed becomes 1+0 or 1,

represents the beginning of a new cycle,

it marks the next turn or re-evolution of your Wheel.

But arriving at 10 has already fulfilled a Journey

through the Physical (Phi-Cycle) Plane,

so 10-10-10 is a new beginning on another spiritual level,

a new movement transcending old material values,

a recognition that all your beliefs that you once held true,

are now changing, dissolving, sinking;

the lesson being, to remain in your heart,

and not let fear, insecurity and restlessness overwhelm you.

10-10-10 is thus an invitation to enjoy your sense of stillness,

to meditate more or remain in your unique buddha-field.

Jain 108


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