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The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop, Version 82

Torus was in the documentary Thrive


XXXXXXXXXXXX. Topology and Toroidal (Torus), the first word sync on The Miraculist in January 2014 + Vector + Proton + Toroidal Heart + Electromagnetism


The Torus (Latin for Ring) is the perfected geometry of the human energy field.

It is the shape of the human zygote after 512 cell division, thus it stores all the Memory of We Are.

It is essentially a sphere that has [become] to form a doughnut-like shape, highly efficient,

having maximum volume for mininum surface area.

That is why smoke-rings take this form, as it is a dynamic and intelligent way for atoms to move through space.

The iris of the eye is also a torus, as this perfected geometry captures light at the optimum level.

In fact, everything is a torus, a proton, an apple, the planet earth with its dimpled north and south poles are all torii (plural).

This 4th dimensional imploded sphere is the Language of Higher Dimensions.

It must be taught to all children of all ages, so that our future designs ring with this [mental] hyper geometries.

It permits connection between the atomic world and the galactic. Make use of it.

Jain 108

Topology — a branch of math used to describe invariant properties of shapes like toruses — is being used by condensed matter physicists to classify all possible phases of matter.

Topology + Toroidal return

When is a coffee mug a donut? Coffee + Donuts in Cyan, in a Loop with Humor

The Yoga of Sight – Torus Study 9

This is an experiment.

When I look at this I have a feeling/response.

As I progress through this series of studies, I am attempting to fine-tune the reaction of retinal impression with the intention of learning how to create visual medicines (medicines that are taken through the eyes).

In the same way that scent (aromatherapy), sound, touch, taste can be used in an inclusive and holistic therapeutic manner, can the power of the eye sense awareness be triggered to communicate a healing potential, or at the very least, a sense of well-being?

The three-holed torus shows how physics concepts can be used to solve problems in pure math.

Torus/Flower of Life

Torus Motion

“The torus, or primary pattern, is an energy dynamic that looks like a doughnut – it’s a continuous surface with a hole in it. The energy flows in through one end, circulates around the center and exits out the other side. You can see it everywhere – in atoms, cells, seeds, flowers, trees, animals, humans, hurricanes, planets, suns, galaxies and even the cosmos as a whole.” – Nassim Haramein

The torus is the queen of all sacred geometrical curvaceous or feminine configurations,

and the cuboctahedron is the king of all straight-lined male forms,

so this [mental] diagram of the cubocta embedded inside the toroidal domain, is actually a fusion or indeed a marriage of the 2 most elite forces that define or shape all life.

Jain 108






Toroidal Flow

Toroidal flow: the most fundamental energy patterning in the universe from the quantum to the cosmological…

Nassim Haramein

“We’re traveling in this boundless sea of infinite torus flow.” – Nassim Haramein

Toroidal, the first word sync on The Miraculist, is the code to understanding the Universe and Self

The Torus is The Code.

It is the only known shape

in our known universe

that exists at all scales.

What I mean by this “Scale Invariancy”

is that the torus is the shape of all protons,

as well as being the shape of the iris’ lens of the eye,

of the human field, of the dimpled north and south poles of our precious planet Earth,

and our extraordinary Milky Way Galaxy.

They are all torii or toroidal fields.

It is what defines all life

and assists our enquiring minds to comprehend the invisible structure of space.

Top scientists today

still believe that space is structureless, ie: they call it a vacuum,

a nothingness,

yet, it is absolutely laden, like tree with fruit, with hyper-dimensional Geometries.

Jain 108

Here’s the original Toroidal sync from 1.3.2014

“Toroidal” synchronizes. Wow, utterly unbelievable in less than 12 hours.

Toroidal crest via Visual Alchemy

Thank you!

So this connects to Infinite loops and Sacred Geometry. This is a huge bridge.





adjective: toroidal

1. of or resembling a torus.

: of, relating to, or shaped like a torus or toroid : doughnut-shaped <a toroidal resistance coil>

"The heart is a toroidal electromagnetic fractal resonator…" -- Nassim Haramein

Symmetry returns

Rotational Symmetry

What is SuperSymmetry?


According to mirror symmetry, our Universe has a parallel Universe of antimatter, related to ours by means of a CPT symmetry, with 2 Planck lengths distance between them, one on each side. By using gravitational waves, they are coherent and ordered. The formulas used to obtain Planck length and Planck mass in our Universe, are always represented by two roots: (+) which corresponds to our Universe, and (-) which corresponds to the antimatter Universe. The geometrical relation is hyperbolic; or a hyperboloid, if we consider the 3rd spatial dimension.

Core of Speed of Matter and Antimatter with Symmetry

Considering the fact that even a empty dark space has vacuum energy, which is an underlying background energy that exists in space throughout the entire Universe I would say a cubic meter of free space is 10^−9 Joules with the quantization of a simple harmonic oscillator requiring the lowest possible energy, or zero-point energy of such an oscillator being E=1/2 hv.

CERN Symmetry Measurement Confirms Matter And Antimatter Are Mirrors Of Each Other

“Surfing” Antimatter Breakthrough Could Accelerate The Hunt For Exotic Particles

“Zwicky’s observations were based on the measuring the mass of planets and galaxies. But how do you weigh stuff in space? You don’t go and put the Sun on a scale, that’s a little bit hard, but what you can do is measure how fast the planet is moving around the Sun. The more stuff there is in the Sun, the faster the planets have to stay in their orbits. Both Newton and Einstein said, the more mass, or stuff you have in an object, the more gravitational pull it will have, and the further the object is from the center (image of Jupiter’s orbit), the slower it should travel in orbit, as the gravitational pull is weaker. According to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, or according to Newtonian Gravity, all of the galaxies are pulling on each other. It’s the like Sun’s influence on our solar system. The mass of the Sun pulls Mercury faster than Pluto because Mercury is positioned closer to the Sun. Likewise for a galaxy, as you go further and further away, they’re moving more and more slowly to stay in their orbits. But Zwicky didn’t observe that. Neither did a young scientist named Vera Ruben 50 years later. She observed rotational curves of the galaxy, similar to the Milky Way (spiral)…. As rather the galaxies moved away, the velocity of gas and dust remained constant (E=MC2). If a city was like a galaxy, and every car on the road was a planet or star, and despite the amount of traffic, every car traveled around the city at the same speed. This same consistent rotation speed, or traffic, was what Ruben observed.”

— The Universe TV Series, Dark Matter


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