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The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop, Version 114

Triple Spiral + Trinitization + Phenomena + Metaphysics + Tesla's Aether

Addendum Vesica Piscis = Sacred Geometry of Elegant Cooperation and Partnership

TTTTTTTTTTT. Vesica Piscis, Trinitization, and Elegant Cooperation and Partnership


The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop, Version 47

Spirals with Pythagorean Theorem, Phi in Nature, and Feedback Loops with Plants

Frequency Spirals Up

Addendum Tesla's Aether = Phenomena = Metaphysics


That which animates or brings to life the stagnant forces of

counter-rotating fields, is the Trinity of Creation.

For although the spinning spiral is the element of life,

something is negated when they are in a state of equal spin,

like 36 spirals flowing clockwise and 36 spirals flowing anti-clockwise,

they interrupt one another in a neutral zone and create an energy of stasis,

or stillness, a cancelling out,

that is why Nature uses the Pine Code of 8 spirals one way and 13 the other way.

But at the heart of all this Phenomena,

is the 3 in the 1, the Triune God of Absolute Creativity.

The dual nature of equal spin counter-rotating fields can turn the motor on, but it is the delicate or critical shift from equal spin or .5 of midpoint consciousness to .618 of Phi or Unlimited Infinity Consciousness that allows the car or your Merkabah to fly.

All the mathematics that I have researched over the last 35 years,

whether it be the fascinating Fib Numbers or Binary Code or Prime Numbers etc, everything simply comes back to the 3.

Jain 108


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