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The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop, Version 113

Astronomy Ring + Greece + Aristotle + Universal Machine

Worked and glazed gold ring of German manufacture, 16th century, historiska museet, Stockholm.

It was conceived in such a way as to transform itself from a simple circular ring into spheres, designed by Greeks for educational purposes in the century bc .. composed of rings called "armille", each of which represents one of the circles of the celestial sphere: the horizon, the meridians, the parallel .. They were instruments of observation of the sky, of the movement.

At The Galileo Museum in Florence there is a large and complex sphere armillary opera by Antonio Santucci of 1588-1593, coming from the collections. It represents the "Universal Machine" of the world according to the concepts prepared by Aristotle. It is possible that the ring belonged to an astronomy scholar.


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