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The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop, Version 110

Simplified Silver Network = Neural Networks System = Symmetry = ECP + Magenta + Silver Light Vibration

TTTTTTT. Neural Networks, Efficiency, Neurons, Synapses and Imagery with Motion, Brain Differences in Gender, and E & P, Dopamine, Feedback Loops, Neurotransmitters

Brain Rhythms Guide How Humans Pay Attention

Elegant Cooperation and Partnership are Good for the Brain

Successful ECP


Addendum Adore in balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies in ECP

Simplified Silver Network

Miracle Protects Neural Networks + Light Vibration Silver


RRRRRR. Silver (element) with Silver Ratio returns in 2 months

Inventors say this silver network of wires may be the first device “inspired by the brain… to do what it does.”

You know about the golden ratio, but do you know about the SILVER RATIO??


In the meaning of colors, it is associated with prestige and wealth. It is seen as a glamorous, sophisticated color related to female energy, prosperity and modernity.

Silver restores equilibrium and stability to both feminine power and spiritual energy. It protects itself from outside negativity, reflecting the energy back to where it began.

This color is very versatile, being shiny, modern and hi-tech on one hand and alluring, sparkling and elegant on the other.

Silver Network

Addendum Cooperation Core "Nature Rewards Cooperation" of ECP + Game Theory with Infinite Game


Magenta on Elegant Cooperation and Partnership

The Color Magenta

The Color of Universal Harmony & Emotional Balance

In the meaning of colors, magenta represents universal love at its highest level. It promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation and encourages a sense of self respect and contentment in those who use it. Gentle and caring in its approach, it generates acceptance, tolerance, support and patience.

The color magenta is one of universal harmony and emotional balance. It is spiritual yet practical, encouraging common sense and a balanced outlook on life.

This is a color that helps to create harmony and balance in every aspect of life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Vector Equilibrium in Silver and Magenta

Vector Equilibrium with Water Molecules






a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another.

“Adam Smith was incomplete. It’s what’s good for the individual and what’s good for the group.” — John Nash

Equilibrium with Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies + Toroidal/Torus + Vector Equilibrium

Symmetry = Equilibrium = Balance

Noether’s Symmetry Physics Theorem returns in 15 days

Macro/Micro, Meta/Nano, As Above/So Below and As Within/So Without (Alchemy) with Noether’s Symmetry Physics Theorem


E. Noether and Symmetry

Rotational Symmetry…/tumblr_np2c7whZsQ1sfkghmo1_500…

What is SuperSymmetry?…/…

Emmy Noether and the power of symmetry

By Marianne Freiberger


According to mirror symmetry, our Universe has a parallel Universe of antimatter, related to ours by means of a CPT symmetry, with 2 Planck lengths distance between them, one on each side. By using gravitational waves, they are coherent and ordered. The formulas used to obtain Planck length and Planck mass in our Universe, are always represented by two roots: (+) which corresponds to our Universe, and (-) which corresponds to the antimatter Universe. The geometrical relation is hyperbolic; or a hyperboloid, if we consider the 3rd spatial dimension.

Core of Speed of Matter and Antimatter with Symmetry

Considering the fact that even a empty dark space has vacuum energy, which is an underlying background energy that exists in space throughout the entire Universe I would say a cubic meter of free space is 10^−9 Joules with the quantization of a simple harmonic oscillator requiring the lowest possible energy, or zero-point energy of such an oscillator being E=1/2 hv.

CERN Symmetry Measurement Confirms Matter And Antimatter Are Mirrors Of Each Other…/cern-symmetry-experiment-confir…

“Surfing” Antimatter Breakthrough Could Accelerate The Hunt For Exotic Particles…/surfing-antimatter-could-lead-b…

“Zwicky’s observations were based on the measuring the mass of planets and galaxies. But how do you weigh stuff in space? You don’t go and put the Sun on a scale, that’s a little bit hard, but what you can do is measure how fast the planet is moving around the Sun. The more stuff there is in the Sun, the faster the planets have to stay in their orbits. Both Newton and Einstein said, the more mass, or stuff you have in an object, the more gravitational pull it will have, and the further the object is from the center (image of Jupiter’s orbit), the slower it should travel in orbit, as the gravitational pull is weaker. According to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, or according to Newtonian Gravity, all of the galaxies are pulling on each other. It’s the like Sun’s influence on our solar system. The mass of the Sun pulls Mercury faster than Pluto because Mercury is positioned closer to the Sun. Likewise for a galaxy, as you go further and further away, they’re moving more and more slowly to stay in their orbits. But Zwicky didn’t observe that. Neither did a young scientist named Vera Ruben 50 years later. She observed rotational curves of the galaxy, similar to the Milky Way (spiral)…. As rather the galaxies moved away, the velocity of gas and dust remained constant (E=MC2). If a city was like a galaxy, and every car on the road was a planet or star, and despite the amount of traffic, every car traveled around the city at the same speed. This same consistent rotation speed, or traffic, was what Ruben observed.”

— The Universe TV Series, Dark Matter

Miracle #33362

Happy birthday to Emmy Noether. Einstein described her as “the most important woman in the history of mathematics”. Image by the Perimeter Institute – Outreach. Thank you!

Miracle #33407

Happy birthday to Emmy Noether. Einstein described her as “the most important woman in the history of mathematics”. Image by the Perimeter Institute – Outreach. Thank you!

Miracle #33363

Emmy Noether was one of the most brilliant and important mathematicians of the 20th century. She altered the course of modern physics. Einstein called her a genius. Yet today, almost nobody knows who she is. Thank you!

To avoid the multiverse, Physicists propose a Symmetry of Scales…/…

Groundbreaking German mathematician Emmy Noether — one of the most influential mathematicians of modern times — was born on this day in 1882. Noether revolutionized the understanding of abstract algebra and made groundbreaking contributions to theoretical physics. Albert Einstein once commended her as the “the most significant creative mathematical genius thus far produced since the higher education of women began.” In physics, she explained the connection between symmetry and conservation laws in her Noether’s theorem and, in algebra, her influence is so far-reaching that numerous mathematical objects have been named in her honor.

The mathematician Norbert Wiener also lauded Noether as “the greatest woman mathematician who has ever lived; and the greatest woman scientist of any sort now living, and a scholar at least on the plane of Madame Curie.” Unfortunately, even given the scale of her contributions to the field, Emmy Noether is largely unknown today; a fate all too common to many female scientists and mathematicians of the past. As the New York Times observed in a tribute, “Scientists are a famously anonymous lot, but few can match in the depths of her perverse and unmerited obscurity the 20th-century mathematical genius Amalie Noether.”

To introduce Emmy Noether to a new generation, she is among the 50 female STEM trailblazers featured in the fantastic book, “Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World,” for ages 9 and up at

She is also one of the 52 female scientists profiled in the excellent book “Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science – and The World,” which is highly recommended for teens and adults alike at


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