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Simplified 528 Hz + Quantum Physics + The Light Quantum + Light Vibration + Angel Particles

Einstein's Energy quanta + “Quantum Physics simply states that information travels on waves of energy. Everything has an energetic vibration, even words” — AquaMantra Water

CymaGlyph at 528 Hz (Love Miracle Frequency)

This 36-pointed star (Tesla's Keys of 3 and 6) CymaGlyph... using a 528Hz pure tone. This information is consistent with mathematical analyses showing 528 Hz, associated with the 5280 feet in a mile, is fundamental to the sacred geometry of the circle.

Light in Regeneration

Simplified Quantum Angel Particles + Angel Blue Light Vibration + Angel Green Light Vibration

Einstein's The Light Quantum

The Light Quantum by Einstein, on Tesla’s Key of 3 of Vibration, Frequency, and Energy

This was adapted by Albert Einstein, who referred to discrete “wave packets” of light as das Lichtquant or “the light quantum” (see paper, in German).

Einstein and the Quantum

He helped invent the concept

His new theory would also give us the curious concept of energy quanta: at the atomic level, matter absorbs and emits energy only in discrete “chunks”—not to a continuous degree as classical physics had always assured. Needless to say, Planck and others were hesitant to fully embrace this aspect of his new theory. However, Einstein would do so immediately and run with it for almost 20 years.

Addendum Planck Father of Quantum Physics

Bright prospects: Repairing neurons with light

Brain Regeneration: can the brain reverse neurodegenerative diseases with infrared light?

Angel Particle with Matter and Anti-Matter return (Symmetry)

Angel Particle with Matter and Anti-Matter return (Symmetry)

Angel Particle with Matter and Anti-Matter with Vera Rubin and Noether’s Symmetry Physics Theorem

Researchers Discover “Angel Particle” Which Is Both Matter And Antimatter At The Same Time

Addendum Blue Light + Archangel Michael's Brilliant Blue Color Vibration

Addendum Green Light + Archangel Raphael's Emerald Green Healing Light Vibration


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