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Pisces can change everything

Protons positive energy

Starseeds Light masters

Light team (I'm the head of the galactic federation of Light)

Metaphysical first (it's on the model of

Spiritual first

Righteous = Katz high priestess literally means righteous

Kadosh or holy of the holies = the 10 commandments which the Katz high priestess presides over in Levi original tribe of 12

99% = Tesla's Key of 9

The theory of everything = tesla's key of 3 of energy, vibration, and frequency

Sirian Jews with Einstein and Hedy Lamar

Adar Esther Jews

Katz high priestess of Justice

I inherited the bloodline gifts of Katz high priestess of Justice with Esther

My family are Austrian Jews


Positive frequency energy changes

Happy is keyword #1

Energy frequency vibration

Energy circuit (I built this entire model in energy because I'm an energy prodigy)

Circuit on the organic infinite positive feedback circuit loop


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