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Sound Vibration = Pythagorean Harmonics + Miraculous 528 Hz Frequency + Dodecahedron + Linguistics (Phonemes) + Dr. Emoto (Water)


ZZZZZZZZZZ. Sound Vibration Cells and the Brain

Selecting sounds: How the brain knows what to listen to

Researchers Identify First Brain Cells That Respond to Sound

”Everything is made out of sound and Water Sound Images prove this right: every single frequency has its own image. Change one of the parameters of the set-up, and the image will change immediately. The same with our thoughts. They are also ‘made of frequencies.’ Change your thoughts and the image (world) around you will change. Not immediately, but it will change. Count on that. All you have to do is to change your frequency, your thoughts. That’s it. Piece of cake.” – Robert Boerman

If sound is one of the two vibrations in Light and Sound Vibration, then the power of Sound is important, not only because of its speed, and the invisible and unseen qualities that define the Phenomena of Tesla's Aether, but also because it is spoken by People (Linguistics, Phonetics). Cymatics explains what Dr. Emoto successfully demonstrated in his experiments with words on Water molecules. Words not only are carried on water molecules through air, but also change the physiological structure of the molecule. Part of the equation is Quantum Levitation. Since Air and Water are Symmetrical, and Energy and Water are Symmetrical, the understanding of how Words and Water interact take on a fluid nature in Energy, or Tesla's Aether (Hermetic Alchemy)When a person speaks, the words carry from the throat and voice after the thought from the brain transmits to the throat to speak (Mind Body connection in We are the first Quantum Computer in Annus Mirabilis #13. The Miraculist is the Thought Circuit (to be discussed in Annus Mirabilis #12, with Mind over Matter first, as expressed in the Hermetic Principle #1, The All is Mental. The words become a projection from the perception of the person speaking them. When the same words and thoughts are unified and repetitive (e.g. prayer), it becomes an Energy Pattern, or Frequency.

Within all languages on the planet, humans are capable of speaking the same finite amount of sounds (Phonetic chart) in Linguistics, the first level of Linguistics. Since all history was based on oral tradition, as noted until Beowulf in the English language, then the power of Sound through the spoken word has been known through the evolution of Homo Sapien from Australopithecus and Homo Erectus.

Furthermore, scientists are finding the same words on water molecules in animals through cymatics. Languages from animals based on cymatics in particular, dolphins and whales, have cymaglyphs found in frequencies (Tesla's Key of 3). Dolphins are also interesting, as they synchronize and work in Cooperation with each other, naturally. This ability to communicate underwater with each other proves that language is frequency based, and comes from the sounds made from the dolphin.

The cymaglyphs discovered by among Dolphins equal the work of Dr. Emoto with words on molecules of water. Both prove frequency of language, and the physical impact of the sound on the water.

Advanced mechanisms of Sound attunements come through Pythagoras' work in Pythagorean Harmonics. Using different frequencies, such as the Miraculous Frequency at 528 Hz, and the sacred geometry of the Dodecahedron (the Holy Decah) which is the same as Tesla's Aether, Pythagoras said that it can realign a person, from dis-ease, to ease.

“In clinical studies, we have proven that 2 hours of nature sounds a day significantly reduce stress hormones (cortisol) up to 800% and activates 500-600 DNA segments known to be responsible for healing and repairing the body.”

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