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The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop is the Energy Driver or (Tesla's Aether) Mechanism on The Miraculist, and the Positive Possibilities of Positive disruption of Non-Positive Feedback Loops

In January 3, 2014, the first word sync on The Miraculist was Toroidal in 12 hours. Synchronicity is the access to the miraculous, according to Vedanta care of Chopra.

Here’s the original Toroidal sync from 1.3.2014 “Toroidal” synchronizes. Wow, utterly unbelievable in less than 12 hours. Toroidal crest via Visual Alchemy Thank you!

“According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don't bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is that you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous. (quoted by Carol Lynn Pearson in Consider the Butterfly)” ― Deepak Chopra, Synchrodestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles

Given that the very first word to synchronize was Toroidal, with the object itself meaning to thrive, but matches the electromagnetic sphere of the body's aura as well as the loop spiral. The driver of energy on The Miraculist matches toroidal, in the Sum Motion of Particles + Toroidal Code and Flow + Rotational Symmetry, with a Loop mechanism, to recreate the very experience I had with my Dad's Hospice Caregiver in the literal expression of the function.

Therefore, Miracles are a function of Nature, with a perfect positive loop in mechanics.

The Unified Whole Consciousness Is Circular Loop from Cells, Humans and the Universe |- our article in Neuroquatology…/the-unified-whole-conciousness…/


Late Middle English: of unknown origin; compare with Scottish Gaelic lùb ‘loop, bend’. “in the loop” from the Oxford English Dictionary

The main Energy driver of Tesla's Aether, The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop revealed and reflected itself organically (same discussion we had as a community on whether Math is revealed, channeled, or discovered) in perfect Symmetry, while it was built it in the discovery of it. The very first piece was from Visual Alchemy on the same day as Toroidal, January 3, 2014, with Feedback Loop.

Visual Alchemy January 3, 2014 · Feed back loop

Advanced functionality was built upon JP May's Infinite Loop Space Theory + Einstein's Theory of Relativity in Loop Quantum Gravity in Physics. Loop Quantum Gravity is one of the five theories in the Unified Field Theories (Quantum Field), such that a Liebert Proof has all 3 components: Version 5 Liebert Tiny #2 Proof Loop Quantum Gravity + Expand Theory + Infinite Loop. Additionally, Loop Quantum Gravity is integral to the mechanism of Consciousness as a Loop: Loop Quantum Gravity and Consciousness syncs with Animal Kingdom, Circular Loop from Cells, Humans, Universe (The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop), Mechanisms, and Ladybugs

In May 2019, positive disruption of a nonpositive/negative feedback loop was successfully accomplished.

Positive Possibilities: Cancer is described as a non-positive feedback loop, therefore a positive loop had to be its counterpart. Non-positive feedback loops are also found in neurodegenerative diseases and high levels of cortisol. The core concept is a gentle disruptive ability in the mechanism of the non-positive feedback loop, to the positive, utilizing the function of The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop.

The positive of negative feedback loops with biology, and advancement in cures for diseases Disruption of p53’s negative feedback loops results in cancer cells becoming extremely sensitive to radiation. Multiple clinical trials are underway to target p53 or its feedback loop.” Read more at:…/2016-06-negative-feedback-loops-function-…

Cortisol Non-positive Feedback Loop

The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop has many versions in positive nuances found in Nature and Science, in the body and brain as well. The are all listed in the index.

The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop versions

The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop Version 1 Original 2 Part A with Feynman Loop, Hyperloop, Proton + Proton, Quantum Levitation Part B: Feynman and Magnets 3 Nature designs and creates Nature in a perfect Positive Loop 4 Circle of Fifths 5 Speed of Sound with Phonetics/Linguistics, Mach Speed, Speed of Light 6 Behavior Quantified (Math and Physics) returns in 1 day with Neural Networks and Circuitry 7 Value 8 Rainbows 9 Thought: Dirac + Einstein + Emoto 10 Fluid + (Proton + Proton) + Accelerated Expansion + The Doppler Effect 11 Circuit in the body (Brain and Heart), with Dr. Emoto and Water Molecules, Trees, Dirac (Thought), Biological Feedback Loop, Toroidal Blueprint with the Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop (with a sync to Generate and Regenerative) with Soul returns in 1 week with Neural Networks, Brain Circuit and Pleasure 12 Chakras 13 Olympics 14 Infinite and Infinity + Version 11 Circuit in Brain and Body 15 PAX Queens/Women/Femininity 16 Frequency with Tesla and Hertz + Infinite 17 Infinite Game syncs with Cooperation and Game Theory, Infinite Math, Sunlight, Generate (Time) and Regenerative, Elegant Cooperation and Partnership and Love, Tesla's Keys Infinite Game returns and syncs with Generate and Regenerative, E & P Theory (Internally motivated) 5.) You play to generate time instead of consume it Read more at:…/6-signs-you-may-be-an-in… | 18 (Version #14 + Version #16 + Version #11) 19 Toroidal + Tesla's Key of 3 Toroidal (the first word sync on The Miraculist January 2014) with Toroidal Flow and Code 20 Life Cycles 21 Tesla’s Key of 3 + Tesla’s Aether (Pythagoras’ Dodecahedron) Proof 22 Nature (Alchemy and Hermetics with Hermes Trismegistus) 23 This Quote is considered the most important quote in Theoretical physics. "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." -- Albert Einstein 24 JP May's Infinite Loop and Loop Quantum Gravity 25 Unified Field Theory #3 Loop Quantum Gravity 26 Loop Quantum Gravity + Gravitational Waves Loop Quantum Gravity 27 A perfect positive loop from 2013 to now with Venus, Earth, and Orbits 28 Protons 29 Nonlinear Systems with Fermi + Protons 30 Value + Intrinsic + Tolle’s Miracle 31 Alpha Proton + Alpha Proton = Elegant Cooperation and Partnership Logic Proof 32 AquaMantra + Water Bottle in Proton + Proton 33 Majestic/Majesty returns in 4 days with Nature and Genius 34 Passionate Discussion Healthy Circling Conversation 35 Integrated thesis (T. Katz 2013) that the greats were Metaphysicians (Positive only) with Majesty 36 Diamond Circuit 37 Eclipse and Circuit in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership 38 Loop Quantum Gravity + Tesla’s Key of 3 + Tesla’s Aether (Pythagoras’ Dodecahedron) Proof 39 Visual Alchemy's Feedback Loop (first piece on The Miraculist) Consciousness is a Loop and Matter sync with Feynman with Nature 40 Noether’s Symmetry Physics Theorem with the Law of Conservation of Energy 41 Positive Feedback vs. Criticism in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership, PAX Partnership 42 Energy Spirals Up with Kinetic Energy, Positive Feedback in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership 43 Neon with Mystic 44 Tesla 3, 6, 9 Code with TESLA - Wheels Within Wheels of 24 45 Sine and Cosine, Frequency waves, meta connect to Circle 46 Trees, Physics, Neural Networks and Circuit 47 Spirals with Pythagorean Theorem, Phi in Nature, and Feedback Loops with Plants 48 “Life is a full circle, widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite.” ~ Anaïs Nin 49 Black Hole/Expand Theory (Life Cycle of a Star) 50 Loop Quantum Gravity with Consciousness 51 Krebs Cycle 52 Fruit Flies, Memory, Mechanism, decode, remembering, forgetting, circadian rhythm Liebert Proof #20 (non-religious, microscopic) and The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop, Version 52 53 The Sun and Solar Probe in Loop Trajectory 54 Tesla's Key of 3 with Wheelwork 55 NASA Trajectory Loops first created by Katherine Johnson with Euler, now with the Sun 56 Experiment Circuit Loop with second question 57 Tao de Ching Circle 58 Anguler Momentum with Noether Symmetry Theorem, Relativity, and Conservation of Energy 59 Circuit + Mating + Elegant Cooperation and Partnership 60 Path + Frequency Spirals Up + Hermann Hesse 61 Tracking Developmental Trajectories (Conception, Liebert Proof) + Loop back with Cells 62 I Love You + Phi + Sunflowers 63 Mercury’s Orbit + The Original 4 Papers of the Theory of Relativity with “On this date” 64 Circuit + Tensor Calculus (Conductivity Tensor) + Calculus (Nonlinear) + Vector (Toroidal and Equilibrium) + The Theory of Relativity + Mercury's Orbit 65 Calculus in Time (Time in Math 17 seconds) + Conductivity Tensor in Circuit + Tensor Calculus + Thought Circuit + Silver Network + Mind Over Matter (Hermetic Principle #1 The All is Mental) 66 I Feel Pretty + Miracle 2x + Loop + E & P Theory 67 Dr. Walter Russell with Wave Mechanics of Frequency, Wave Particle and Motion returns with his wife on Miracles (Elegant Cooperation and Partnership) 68 Brain/Rain Drops Motion with Sum Motion of Particles + Toroidal Code and Flow + Rotational Symmetry and Wave Mechanics + Electricity + Universal Source Supply mirrors Body Circuit (Symmetry with Noether's Symmetry Physics Theorem = Hermetic Alchemy: As above, so below and As within, so without) + Quantum Levitation 69 Thought Circuit with Energy Body and Tensor Calculus + Keywords (Key in Tesla) + Thoughts and Words are Vibration and Frequency 70 Feedback (Feedback is the new Breakfast of Champions) + Signs + Synchronicities 71 Superconductivity (Circuits with Tensor Calculus) + Quantum Materials + Sum Motion of Particles + Toroidal Code and Flow + Rotational Symmetry + Superconductivity and Quantum Levitation with Oneness and Meissner Effect 72 DNA molecules into tight arrays of loops along a helical spine 73 Genes with Regenerative + Loop 74 Keyword Joy Organic State of the Soul 75 Circuits + Semiconductors + Innovation (Personal Keyword) 76 Circuit + Thought Circuit + Pythagorean Harmonics + Alignment + Ground 77 Brain with Circuit and Feedback Loops 78 E & P (Proven with Mitochondria + Dad Behavior + Introvert/Extrovert Feedback Loops) + Brain Feedback Loops + Circuit 79 Brain/Mind = Miraculist Nonlinear System = We are the original Quantum Computers in perfect Symmetry (Noether's Symmetry Physics Theorem) in Tesla's Key of 3 80 Time in a Loop (Calculus) + Nonlinear System + Time-Space Continuum + Infinite Game to Generate Time syncs (Proves Tesla's Aether) 81 9 Women in a Circuit (Tesla's Key of 9) 82 When is a coffee mug a donut? Coffee + Donuts in Cyan, in a Loop with Humor 83 Thought Circuit + Body Circuit (version 11 TOIPFCL) + Brain Circuit (version 79 TOIPFCL) 84 Simplified Messenger with Source sync 85 Reward Circuit + Multiplication + Discipline + Belief in Self + 1010 Code 86 Current + Currency + Circuit in Body 87 Cortisol Solution with Non-Positive Feedback Loop 88 Rosehip Neuron + “Studying the differences at the level of cells and circuits is a good place to start, and now we have new tools to do just that.” 89 Einstein (Bicycle) + Stable (Nature in Life) + Mind and Thinking 90 Circle + Vibration in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership with Sex (Long-term intimacy focus) creates a circuit + Harmony + Rhythm (Hermetic Principle) 91 Architecture and Build with Curves 92 Version 33 Liebert Particle #3 Proof Practical guidance on Receiving Energy to Shift in Frequency Spiraling Up (the Mechanics of the Frequency favours the Spiral Up) with Particles with Gratitude and PAX Partnership in Frequency Upward + Energy Translation + Miraculous Frequency/Love Frequency of Energy with particles of Energy 93 Version 93 Living Organism proof returns with The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop + Math + Arc + Earth Grid + Pythagorean Harmonics (Dodecahedron = Tesla's Aether = 5th element in Alchemy) 94 Version Version 34 Liebert Particle #3 Proof + Infinity + Vibration with Existence + Dance of Partnership + Tesla's Aether in balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies (Hermetic Alchemy) + Version 6 Liebert Thing Proof #4 95 Incremental raising of vibration (reflected confirmation of Energy Pattern and Frequency on The Miraculist with Frequency Spirals Up) and Tesla's Key of 3 96 Practical Application: Organic Wild Carrot Nourishing Eye Balm + Eye Carrot Symmetry (Noether's Symmetry Physics Theorem) 97 Soft loops + Feedback loops in the brain (E & P Theory) + Brain + Wonder (Mirari, a definition of miracle is to wonder) + Chimps (true Alpha behavior) + Quantum Mechanics with Perception in perfect positive symmetry (Noether's Symmetry Physics Theorem) with Law of Reflection + Wonder (Art and Science in Vesica Piscis) 98 Language Origins in Brain Circuit 99 Biology Cycles + Personality 100 Angular Frequencies Frequency in Cyclic form with Sine and Cosine (Pythagorean Identities) + Uniform Circular Motion + The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop, version 58 (Angular Momentum with Rotational Symmetry/Sum Motion of Particles/Toroidal Code and Flow) 101 Feedback + Emotion

102 Quantum Leap with superconducting electrical circuit

103 Cells + “loop back” + Leeuwenhoek

104 Centered in Self with Circle + Self-Love Notebook

105 Jupiter

106 Stonehenge + Pythagorean Theorem + Druid Priest

107 Version 35 Liebert Particle #3 Proof + Version 57 Liebert Thing #4 Proof + The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop Version 107 + Simplified Calculus on First Thought Circuit T. Katz

108 Loop Antenna organically received for a crossword puzzle with 3 people (Tesla's Key of 3) working in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership to solve it on July 25, 2019

109 + Version 58 Liebert Thing #4 Proof Speak Life Kubiks + Lomax Things to Come + Shaping Energy with Recording Engineering + Fluid Mechanics in Loops with Drums and Bass + Amen track

110 Simplified Silver Network = Neural Networks System = Symmetry = ECP + Magenta + Silver Light Vibration

111 Simplified Light Vibration Motion of Flow of Particles Sum Motion of Particles + Toroidal Code + Toroidal Flow + Rotational Symmetry = Silver Network = Neural Networks System = ECP + Magenta + Silver Light Vibration

112 cymaglyph at 528 Hz

113 Astronomy Ring + Greece + Aristotle + Universal Machine

114 Triple Spiral + Trinitization + Phenomena + Metaphysics + Tesla's Aether

115 Maslow in a positive loop

116 Tesla Purple Plate

117 Tesla Coil

118 Neural Network Circuits

119 Drum and Bass Loop + Fluid Mechanics + Sound Vibration

120 "A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe."

~ Albert Einstein

121 Pythagorean Identities in Trig functions of Sine + Cosine

122 The 13th Circuit

123 Transmutation Circles in Hermetic Alchemy

124 Gold + Hermetic Alchemy + Transmutation Circles + The First Thought Circuit by T. Katz

125 A person's response to Vibration

126 Scalar Waves

127 Grounding of the Mind + Fractals + Mandelbrot + Metaphysics

128 Python with Boundaries

129 Seed + Tree of Life + Nonlinear System + The Miraculist's Quantum Field

130 Harmonic ratio 34560 miraculous scale is the Yellow Green Blue of the Color Wheel

131 Linear Feedback Shift Registers in Circuit Testing + Blockchain

132 Euler

133 Miraculous Orbit with Phi + Light Vibration with Phi

134 Tesla + Westinghouse + AC + Niagara Falls

135 Phi + Miraculous + Thirds + Light Vibration

136 Circuit + Sleep Cycles + Memories + REM + Tesla's Key of 3

137 Loop + Cooperation + Magenta + Thank you Gratitude + Nature + Hummingbird Nest Nature's Badass (they are too fast to photograph when they are on the move) + Bird Sounds

138 Circle of Gents from Gentleman's Essentials March 19, 2018

139 World Sportscar Championship Circuit + Carroll Shelby + Ken Miles

140 Car Circuits

141 All electric car circuits

142 Instructable circuits ball balancing PID system

143 Transmutation Circles in Hermetic Alchemy + Magenta

144 Gratitude Wheel + Tesla's Vibration on Appreciation and Gratitude + Frequency Spirals Up + Thank you Universe for Everything (Everything, deductive reason and logic proof on Tesla's Key of 3 is the Theory of Everything)

145 Wheel

146 Is the Universe one giant loop?

147 Simplified Universe a Giant Loop + Unified Whole in Circular Loop + Loop Quantum Gravity

148 Loop Quantum Gravity + Expand Theory + Infinite Loop + Simplified Universe a Giant Loop + Unified Whole in Circular Loop + Loop Quantum Gravity

149 Loop Back with New

150 Loop Back syncs + E & P Theory with Dads + The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop + Wheelwork moves forward + Science + Cells + Loop Back on Mitochondria synced on December 20, 2018, a year ago

151 Squaring the Circle with Phi + Speed of Light + Keely

152 Anni Mirabiles The Miraculist Paper #12 The First Thought Circuit vs. "old thought loops and experiences that simply no longer apply"

153 Confirmation on positive feedback and yes on Photons, in the Quantum Field but also in electromagnetism of people's aura and biofeedback from advanced light source

Tron "a circuit a network based on communication with its own laws" (Laws of Physics/Universal Spiritual Laws/Metaphysical Laws)

154 Normal for feedback

155 Circular Motion + Turntables + Singular Point + Everything + Cycles in Circles + Sine Wave + Harmonic Motion Comparing Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) to Circular Motion

156 "Our cosmos is a perfectly tuned instrument! The Magic of .2732"

157 Light + Paper 10

158 Trinitization (Tesla's Key of 3) + PHI + Vesica Piscis in Sacred Geoemtry

159 God as Synergy + Symmetry + Vesica Piscis + Sacred Geometry + Elegant Cooperation and Partnership 160 Tesla Love + AC confirmation of Light generating on 8 concurrent streams Blue + Gold + Violet + White + Green

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