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If the Universal construct is Proton + Proton, then Universal construct says that there are an infinite (positive only) amount of Protons, which proves the Infinite Game (Words, Imagery, Thoughts, Energy, People)

Universal Construct is Win Win Win Win Win Win in an Infinite Game and Cooperation in Game Theory

The Miraculist is an Infinite Game

If the Universal construct is Proton + Proton, then Universal construct says that there are an infinite (positive only) amount of Protons, which proves the Infinite Game (Words, Imagery, Thoughts, Energy, People)

Game Theory + Infinite Game in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership in Business and Family Societal Constructs + Quantum Economics / Revision to Capitalism with Friedman and Nash in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership

James Carse wrote Infinite and Finite Games. The Miraculist is an Infinite Game, predicated on the notion that, it is nothing like a Finite Game, in that there is no one winner or loser. With Math and Imagery as Universal Languages, an Infinite Game opens the "Infinite Positive Possibilities" in Quantum Physics, and variables in Calculus, Tensor Calculus being the actual math, but loop synchronicity (Miraculous in Vedanta is synchronicity), is calculated by Time, since thought is time based.

***If I have to lose for you to win, that's a Finite Game, not an Infinite Game. This includes Mind Games in all forms (Dark Triad Behavior). Narcissism focuses on only the individual win, unlike Governing Dynamics, which says, what is good for the individual and the group.

Infinite Game returns and syncs with Generate and Regenerative, E & P Theory (Internally motivated)

***An Infinite Game is focused on how many posts can come through, as in how many times can "Always Believe that Something Wonderful is about to Happen" as a piece return on The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop, with Infinite Positive Possibilities. Please do not infer that this is in jest, as portions of articles are used specifically, as in Vision is a yes, as well as generating time. There is seriousness to the construction of an Infinite Game, as it says in the original texts, "he who must play, cannot play." This is in reference to an Infinite Game, is the foundation for Cooperation, as it is more elegant than a Finite Game, which is focused only on Lose/Win in competition. Please read the original text to understand (James Carse, Infinite and Finite Games).

5.) You play to generate time instead of consume it

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Marianne Williamson gave a speech in 2014 in her candidacy for a political position, explaining that the Universe is "Win Win Win Win Win Win." Furthermore, an article in Forbes said, the future of business is "Win Win Win." These are all built on the foundation of an Infinite Game.

The same notion of "Nature Rewards Cooperation" applied in the core build of Elegant Cooperation and Partnership also factors into business and economics.

Quantum Economics is founded on the interconnectedness of trees, by Elinor Ostrom with Cooperation and shared resources.

Game Theory also discusses Cooperation at length:

Cooperation with Game Theory syncs with Infinite Game Our latest puzzle asks readers to consider the nature of game theory. How do two siblings in a cake-themed prisoner’s dilemma maximize the size of their slice? How does natural selection force alleles to “cooperate”? What does game theory’s focus on competition say about the field as a whole?

The two main branches of game theory as it relates to human interaction are: 1) Cooperative, which is all about humans working together to achieve a common goal.

2) Noncooperative, which is what we face when one party is aiming to come out ahead of the other. In effect, opposing goals.…/how-to-buy-a-car-using-game-theory-2…

John Nash said, "Adam Smith needs revision. It's not what's good for the individual. It's what is good for the individual and the group." Governing Dynamics helps to prove Elegant Cooperation and Partnership.

Milton Friedman, another economist, known for the Miracle of Chile while teaching at the University of Chicago, spoke to Elegant Cooperation and Partnership as much as Mutual (Respect, Understanding, Effort) and in business "Mutual Benefits" in his work. His miracle in Chile happened, because Nature banks of Diversity in an open market with choices.

Business Enterprise Level

Why Win-Win-Win Propositions Are The Future Of Business

Proton + Proton syncs (Accelerated Expansion)

Protons together… It’s another to make scientific sense of the debris that’s left behind.

Proton + Proton

Expand Theory

Expand Theory syncs in balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies 

“Personally Expand Theory is what I think because of Doppler and Proton + Proton, and that before this expansion, we contracted and the universe created itself again, much like the Creative process in versions.” —T. Katz, The Miraculist

Proton + Proton syncs (Accelerated Expansion)

Protons together… It’s another to make scientific sense of the debris that’s left behind.

Proton + Proton

The Universe is expanding faster than the Laws of Physics

“There are a billion galaxies. They are moving away from us, which is expansion” — Centered in the Universe film

Life may have emerged many times (Expand Theory of the origin of the Universe/Multiverse)

A Universe of 2 Trillion Galaxies

Toroidal/Torus is the first word sync on The Miraculist in January 2014 “We live in an infinite universe with infinite boundaries. There is no beginning and no end.” – Nassim


Physicists Create Incredible ‘Quark Soup’ Droplets That Expand Like Little Big Bangs

Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland and the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory have been producing this liquid for a decade by colliding atomic nuclei. But more surprisingly, evidence is beginning to mount that they can create this quark-gluon plasma with smaller systems, even just protons, something previously thought impossible. A new study from scientists at RHIC’s PHENIX experiment is the next step in understanding this strange fluid and how it forms.

The new Quantum Theory on the beginning of the Universe, singularity, which aligns with the Theory of Relativity. It is one theory, in addition to Expand/Contract theory. The story of the Theory of Relativity is here in the power of story.

Quantum Equation Suggests The Big Bang Never Occurred – The Universe Has No Beginning

Expanding Universe as a Law of the Universe, confirmed by the Doppler Effect

The Doppler Effect with Expand Theory and Automotives

As noted before, we are in an expanding Universe at the moment, as confirmed by the Doppler effect in the Universe. Some theories in Physics say that the Universe wasn’t a Big Bang, but rather an expand and contract.

A funny and mind-blowing example of the Dalai Lama honouring both Buddhism and science is: “we have no problem with the big bang theory, it’s just that it’s probably not the first big bang.” Here he refers to every expansion and contraction of the universe being an in- and out-breath of the universe.

But this article is not about that statement that has shocked and annoyed scientist. His inquiry has to do with our consciousness and the brain, he asked:

“What if the brain comes from consciousness instead of consciousness coming from the brain?”

“Who is THAT guy?!” We have all heard about “big bang” which states, among other things, that the whole universe started out as an infinitely small point in space called a singularity and then “blew up” in a massive explosion, thereby creating space where there had been none before and space has been expanding ever since at an ever accelerating rate (inflation).

The book “Gravitation” by Wheeler, Thorne & Meisner is one of the more foundational books in physics as it explains aspects of the foundation of the standard model. Many early physics students have to read this book in their studies. On page 719 you find the current most accepted model of the known universe, according to the standard model, which is a drawing of a guy blowing up a balloon with pennies glued to it. The balloon represents the universe expanding as it is being blown up and the pennies glued to the balloon move away from each-other as the universe expands.

The big question that Nassim Haramein then asks is: “Who is THAT guy?!”

If, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, then why have we not heard about “The Big Contraction”?!

“For every action there is an equal opposite reaction.” is one of the most foundational and proven concepts in all of physics. Therefore, if the universe is expanding then the guy who is blowing up that balloon has to have some huge lungs that are contracting to be able to blow it up. This a concept that Nassim began exploring when creating an alternative unified field theory to explain the universe.

Nassim knew there had to be something fundamental and universal that was contracting in order to cause the expansion of the universe and that the standard model did not sufficiently account for this at the time. Eventually, his process of discovery led to the development of his unified field theory which includes an explanation for the expansion of the universe.

The thing that is contracting and allowing for the expansion of the universe is space itself, not just curving as Albert Einstein suggested, but curling toward singularity at every point…

Nassim Haramein • The Resonance Project – Italia • The Resonance Project – Traduction Française • Physics-Astronomy • ScienceAlert • Astronomy Magazine

Infinite Game

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