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E & P Theory + Elegant Cooperation and Partnership (PAX Partnership) with Feedback Loops in the Brain

If attraction is mathematically based in relationships, then E & P Theory proves it. Elegant Cooperation and Partnership + E & P Theory with Quantum Mechanics with Feedback Loops (Dopamine and Serotonin) and Mitochondria and DNA from Dads

Dr. John Kappas, founder of HMI in California, developed a theory while working as a Licensed LMFT Therapist and Hypnotherapist counseling couples. E & P Theory takes the standard model of therapy, geared only towards the Extrovert (known at the Physical or P in the Theory), and opens up the model to have 2 standard bell curves, one for the Extrovert (Physical P), and one equal for the Introvert (Emotional E).

Mathematically, they are balanced. First, each person is a hybrid of the E & P, or Extrovert and Introvert, in a percentage base. So, for example, a person is 55% E, and 45% P. That person has a particular areas in life where s/he will be more Extroverted, while remaining at core, Introverted. This mathematical percentage is important for 2 reasons. It determines in one test, how a person learns, whether literal or inferred. The second test is sexuality, to which the corresponding partner in attraction will match the percentages as opposites.

In the core build of Hierarchy of attraction, in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership with E & P Theory, as the Law of Physics proves, like attracts like (Proton + Proton) at the foremost level. The secondary level is that of E & P in attraction, with opposite balances in Introvert and Extrovert.

The Hypnotherapy model proves that it is possible to successfully change the E & P levels, especially for those who are incredibly high on one level, which isn't balanced, compared to that of a more mid-ranged percentage. Source citation of success: case study hidden with precision results intentionally.

E & P Theory is based on Dad learned behavior from childhood. Children model the Dad in how he gets the attention of Mom. So, if Dad is 55% E/45% P, then Mom is 55% P/45% E. The children will be 55% E/45% P, since the core behavior kids model is from Dad. There are cultural nuances, within certain regions that have modified explanations of behavior adaptability.

A core value of PAX Partnership asks the question, what if he or she isn't misbehaving (outside of Dark Triad behavior which is not socially acceptable to standard behavior)? This applies best to E (Introverts) in legitimizing behavior with a second bell curve of acceptable behavior. E (Introverts) prioritize value differently than P (Extroverts). E (Introverts) are the thinkers and visionaries of society. Since E (Introverts) aren't as greatly acknowledged in society, and because the theory isn't the most generous to E (Introvert) Women, the model supports E (Introvert) behavior, legitimizing it, and celebrating it. E & P Theory has greater definitions with 4 quadrants, including 2 specifically defined Ps and 2 specifically defined Es. In the focus of legitimizing E (Introvert) behavior, Vision in Driver Emo has its own loop (Steve Jobs and Marie Curie).

Myers Briggs also has E & P Theory components that are proven on The Miraculist. (P and J) Perception in Quantum Mechanics versus Judgemental in Myers Briggs is another section within Elegant Cooperation and Partnership, E & P Theory, and Myers Briggs that focuses on behavior.

Science proves E & P Theory

Science continues to validate the theory on Dad learned behavior. Biological factors are helping to prove the legitimacy of this theory: Mitochondria and DNA from Dads. (Anthropology and genetics 101: the first child looks like the dad, so as to identify his own traits back to caveman, when he was providing to feed the child).

More advanced are the Feedback Loops in the brain determine how Dopamine and Serotonin flow in the Extrovert and Introvert. The feedback loop in the E (Introvert) is longer in the brain, to which dopamine and serotonin flow.

Additional scientific research includes:

Having a daughter makes men less sexist, research confirms

Dad power: The surprising new science of fatherhood

Attraction Levels

Elegant Cooperation and Partnership (Alpha Proton + Alpha Proton), then E & P Theory

Hierarchy of Attraction in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership in balance

1. Like + Like e.g. Alpha Proton + Alpha Proton

2. Mathematical Opposite (E & P Theory) Extrovert/Introvert, Spiritual/Practical, Masculine/Feminine Energies The Practical (Efficiency) in Partnership in balance in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership sync

Many of you who are on your enlightenment journey feel you need a partner who is spiritual. Let us tell you this is not always the case. There are a great many souls on the planet who do not practice spirituality but who do embody the traits spirituality helps foster and grow – love, compassion, empathy, truth, and transparency. The greatest indicator of soul attainment is not necessarily spiritual practice, but rather the person’s level of integrity and the embodiment of those higher traits. Having a partner who is not necessarily spiritual can be of great assistance to you and your journey. They have the job of anchoring physical presence. This, combined with your spiritual presence, creates balance within the whole of the relationship. In many cases, the non-spiritual partner was the more spiritual one in other life expressions with you. It may be that this time around they are stepping back from that role in order to allow you the opportunity to take the lead. When you are looking at your potential partners it is wise to look at how they contribute to the balance of the whole, and if they embody the traits you admire and respect. Kindness, love, acceptance, and support are the essence of what you really seek, and that can show up for you in many, many forms. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Life Partner~-All love relationships before have prepared you to recognize and call in your life partner-Deep, steady, unwavering, reliable love that makes you feel at peace-Sustainability and feeling like it is “just the beginning”-A joint mission that will take a lifetime to complete-Lifestyle match, you want to live the same life-Both partners, as individuals, have done the work to become a whole person, so you are two whole people coexisting-They naturally bring out the best in you-They support healthy independence-No games or jealousy-Both partners can surrender to love and be supported in their individual life mission-A powerful ability for co-creation together-Yin/Yang energy balance (polarity and integration of equal and opposite forces)-You are proud and admire them as an individual in the world-Deep healing that takes place in this relationship-They tick all the boxes and you also have a sense of chemistry and longevity-Spiritual/Sexual connection WHY THIS RELATIONSHIP COMES INTO OUR LIFE: This is the grand angel that comes into your life to show you how to personally embody sacred union and hold you accountable to truly evolve. You two had a soul contract to do this life together! HOW WE CAN HEAL FROM THIS: Being supported in your own mission, finding sustainable balance and oneness with each other mimics the oneness of Source/God/Spirit. Nothing heals more deeply than this.~~ ~Amber L’Estrange and Jenna Pennrose art: Liscete Alcalde

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