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Red Roses and The Theory of Relativity

Rosehip Neuron + “Studying the differences at the level of cells and circuits is a good place to start, and now we have new tools to do just that.”

A reconstruction of a newly discovered type of human neuron. The researchers who identified the new cell type dubbed it a ‘rosehip neuron’ for its compact, budlike shape. Image courtesy of Boldog, et al.; Nature Neuroscience.

Einstein saw a Red Rose right before he proved the Theory of Relativity

Einstein History

Einstein’s Miracle Year

110 years ago, Einstein transformed our understanding of the universe with four extraordinary papers (via TED-Ed):…/einstein-s-miracle-year-larry-lagerstrom

Thank you!

I was given the rose last night by someone randomly on the street while out for Halloween (syncs with the rose on The Miraculist and Einstein’s red rose in the documentary on his history).

Annus Mirabilis and Einstein

Mirabilia — marvels, miracles

Citations for mirabilia

… I shall like still better to sing it with you when we meet. That that is to be so soon, and under circumstances joyful, are among the mirabilia of this changing world. To see and re-see such a cluster of not indifferent persons as the programme for the wedding gives, will be almost too large a bonne-bouche.

George Eliot to Sara Hennell, September 16, 1843, in George Eliot’s Life as Related in Her Letters and Journals, 1885

The legends of a later time abandoned political implications and made of Alexander a supernatural hero and a wizard to whom all the conceivable mirabilia could be ascribed.

George Sarton, Ancient Science Through the Golden Age of Greece, 1952

Origin of mirabilia

Mirabilia entered English in the early 1800s from Latin.

1917 – Albert Einstein: General relativity – Einstein followed up his annus mirabilis with his crowning achievement – a theory of gravitation – in 1917. General relativity sealed the seamless meld of space and time and postulated gravity not as Newton’s force but as a property of spacetime itself, arising from the curvature of spacetime by the presence of mass.

Surprises in Physics…/surprises-in-physic…/

Einstein’s Miracle Year

There are names that form part of history and dates that represent milestones of our collective story. 110 years ago, between March and September 1905, the mailbox of the German scientific journal Annales der Physik received four papers that would forever change the laws of physics and, ultimately, our conception of reality: of light, of matter, of time, and of space.

The author was a young man aged 26, Albert Einstein, who worked as a clerk at the patent office in Bern (Switzerland). His career as a physicist was stagnant after the rejection of his doctoral thesis, and his scientific passion had been relegated to his spare time, to the long idle hours in the office and to chats with his colleague and friend Michele Besso. We recall here the four major achievements of Einstein in his miracle year:

Photoelectric Effect

On June 9, 1905, Annales der Physik published the dissertations of the patent clerk about the photoelectric effect and the physics of light. “A heuristic point of view of the production and transformation of light” introduced the revolutionary idea that light is composed of both energy and particles: quanta for Einstein, photons for history. This concept that physical systems can behave both as waves (energy) and as particles (matter) would be the seed of one of the two pillars of modern physics: quantum mechanics. Sixteen years later, this theory of the photoelectric effect would take Einstein to the summit of science when, in 1921, he received the Nobel Prize for Physics.

Brownian motion

The second and the least important of the papers, published on July 18, was “On the movement of small particles suspended in a stationary liquid, as required by the molecular-kinetic theory of heat.” Although it did not revolutionize the principles of physics, nor earn him a Nobel Prize, Einstein found in a physical phenomenon (Brownian motion) empirical evidence of what many (but nowhere near all) scientists thought at the time, that matter is composed of atoms. In attempting to explain this curious phenomenon, Einstein not only mathematically confirmed the existence of atoms and molecules but, while doing so, he opened a new field in the study of physics, statistical physics.

Special relativity

The third paper that year was perhaps the most groundbreaking. “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies“ arrived at Annales der Physik on June 30 and was published on September 26, 1905. It presented the condensation of Einstein’s new physics in the well-known theory of special relativity, which preceded general relativity (which in 1915 also included the influence of acceleration and gravity). Einstein postulated in this paper that the speed of light is immutable, constant and independent of the observer’s movement. Therefore, except for the constant speed of light, everything is relative, including time, distance and mass.

Mass-energy equivalence

On November 21, the last of the four papers was published. “Does the inertia of a body depend on its energy content?” is, in effect, an epilogue of all the other papers. The mathematical proof of special relativity and, therefore, the confirmation of the equivalence between matter and energy, were condensed into the most famous equation in history: E = mc2....

“Newton, please forgive me,” Einstein once said, knowing that his advances questioned the foundations that the English scientist had laid in the seventeenth century. In fact, Newton also had his miracle year, since between 1665 and 1666, while sealed up in his house seeking refuge from the plague, he formulated his law of gravitation and his theory of color. But science is like this; for a breakthrough to be made, for a new idea to be confirmed, others have to be discarded.

Perhaps a new scientific revolution will arrive that discards some of Einstein’s ideas, but his method will endure forever. The great merit of Einstein was in not trying to explain the results, the experiments themselves, but rather in developing a theory in which the experiment is the result and not the origin of a phenomenon.

By Luis Creo for Ventana al Conocimiento……/einstein-s-miracle-year-larry-lagerstrom

Job Well Done!

Experience the emotions of joy, feelings of contentment and offer your gratitude for the many wonderful things in your life. You have been doing a great job so congratulate yourself and feel a sense of pride for a job well done. Don’t be overly boastful or allow your ego to swell with self-importance, allow that sense of satisfaction from a job well done, that sense of accomplishment to wash over you and use it to help you create more of those feelings in your life.

You are on a path of awakening, of become aware of your magnificence and of realizing that you have more potential that possibly imagined. Give birth to your dreams. Plant the seeds that will be your harvest and then tend it and watch it grow. The perfect time is here, the perfect time is now.

Join with others and learn to work with together and support one another as that is the way. There is enough for everyone and together you are so much stronger as you are a part of each other and this truly is an infinite Universe and so reach for the stars. You are on the right path!

Affirmation: “I am a great success and I am on the right path. Each step I take is leading me towards my goals.”

And so it is Universal Copyright ©2014 by Sharon Taphorn All rights reserved. Please share articles as long as copyright and contact info are always included and the message is complete and credit is given to the author. ♥♥♥

Life Partner~

-All love relationships before have prepared you to recognize and call in your life partner

-Deep, steady, unwavering, reliable love that makes you feel at peace

-Sustainability and feeling like it is “just the beginning”

-A joint mission that will take a lifetime to complete

-Lifestyle match, you want to live the same life

-Both partners, as individuals, have done the work to become a whole person, so you are two whole people coexisting

-They naturally bring out the best in you

-They support healthy independence

-No games or jealousy

-Both partners can surrender to love and be supported in their individual life mission

-A powerful ability for co-creation together

-Yin/Yang energy balance (polarity and integration of equal and opposite forces)

-You are proud and admire them as an individual in the world

-Deep healing that takes place in this relationship

-They tick all the boxes and you also have a sense of chemistry and longevity

-Spiritual/Sexual connection

WHY THIS RELATIONSHIP COMES INTO OUR LIFE: This is the grand angel that comes into your life to show you how to personally embody sacred union and hold you accountable to truly evolve. You two had a soul contract to do this life together!

HOW WE CAN HEAL FROM THIS: Being supported in your own mission, finding sustainable balance and oneness with each other mimics the oneness of Source/God/Spirit. Nothing heals more deeply than this.~~

~Amber L’Estrange and Jenna Pennrose

art: Liscete Alcalde


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