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"The Miraculist is the first Thought Circuit" -- Tova Katz, inventor 2013 to ∞ with Formal Scientific Proof through Meditation and Thought Circuit in The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop, Tova Katz inventor 2013 to ∞

***Please do not replicate this, this is a proprietary build by Tova Katz of The Miraculist that cannot be replicated for specific reasons. Additionally, if you don't know what you're doing or you don't know how energy works, this isn't to be replicated. This is advanced. As per the explicitly clear boundaries, I am not responsible for you in any capacity, because you are responsible for you.

In Latin: “Primum Non Nocere”-“First, Do No Harm” We live by a simple, best practice philosophy. Do you as you wish, so long as you don’t hurt yourself, don’t hurt others, don’t hurt animals, and don’t destroy other people’s property! Enjoy and work with the energy to manifest your heart’s desires!

Thought Circuit with Einstein + Dirac + Emoto + Mind over Matter always + Hermetic Principle #1 (All is Mental) from the Emerald Tablet

A single collective directed thought is all it takes to change the world.

Lynne McTaggart

“Quantum Mechanics thus reveals the basic oneness of the universe.” – Erwin Schrödinger

“That which is above is unto that which is below, and that which is within is unto that which is without, to behold the miracle of the ONE thing.” — Hermes Trismegistus

“To think is to practice brain chemistry.” — Deepak Chopra

"Vivere est Cogitare" (Life is Thought) -- Niels Bohr

True health begins with your thoughts. Thinking about comfort, strength, flexibility and youthfulness attracts those qualities into your life and body. Dwelling on illness, fear, disease and pain does just the opposite. Your work is to notice and change your thoughts and move them in the direction of health and happiness.

Christiane Northrup

Thoughts are an important part of your inner wisdom and they are very powerful. A thought held long enough and repeated often enough becomes a belief. A belief then becomes your biology.

Christiane Northrup

Your beliefs and thoughts are wired into your biology. They become your cells, tissues, and organs. There’s no supplement, no diet, no medicine, and no exercise regimen that can compare with the power of your thoughts and beliefs. That’s the very first place you need to look when anything goes wrong with your body.

Christiane Northrup

Your emotions are your inner guidance system. They alone will let you know whether you are living in an environment of biochemical health or in an environment of biochemical distress. Understanding how your thoughts and your emotions affect every single hormone and cell in your body, and knowing how to change them in a way that is health-enhancing, gives you access to the most powerful and empowering health-creating secret on earth.

Christiane Northrup

Thought is Vibration


FFFFFFFFFFF. Hermetic Principle #1: Mental, the All is Mental, with Hermes Trismegistus, the Father of Hermetics and Alchemy. The All is Mental with Metaphysics. Subset: Dirac and Thought, Brain and Galaxy Symmetry, Neural Networks, and the Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop (all 8 versions) are built from Thought

"Mentalism" The Field of quantum energy that permeates everything and where everything is contained the indivisible particles that make up the field, containing by itself all the possibilities and from which all creation takes form, this would be the primordial substance or the living elements of creation. The consciousness is the concomitant coherence of the sub atomic matter and its capacity to the environment and evolution.

The link between mind and matter at the quantum level opens the creation of the mentally manifested universe. — Esoteric Empyre

Neuroscientists Have Followed a Thought as It Moves Through The Brain We didn’t think it was possible.

The Path of Thought

Watch a thought race across the surface of the brain Researchers found a way to visualize a single thought process by attaching electrodes to people’s heads (electrocorticography). By asking participants to repeat words, like “humid,” they witnessed different centers of the brain light up. It starts with the language center (yellow) upon hearing the word and ends with a bit of the cortex (blue) lighting up when the participant responds. []

Paul Dirac: The man who conjured laws of nature from pure thought

“Mind is indeed the Builder . . . what is held in the act of mental vision becomes a reality in the material experience. We are gradually builded to that image created within our own mental being.” – Edgar Cayce

Thought is Weightless as Energy “Metaphysical has been science’s designation for all weightless phenomena such as thought. But science has made no experimental finding of any phenomena that can be described as a solid, or as continuous, or as a straight surface plane, or as a straight line, or as infinite anything. We are now synergetically forced to conclude that all phenomena are metaphysical; wherefore, as many have long suspected–like it or not–life is but a dream.” – Buckminster Fuller The Connected Universe • Nassim Haramein • Resonance Science Foundation – Português • The Buckminster Fuller Institute

Einstein Thinking Einstein’s Famous Thought Experiments led to Groundbreaking Ideas Albert Einstein is widely considered one of the smartest people who ever lived, significantly impacting our understanding of the world around us. His General Theory of Relativity has redefined what we know about space and time and is one of the pillars of modern physics. What’s also remarkable about Einstein’s achievements is that they relied largely on his mental powers and the intricacy of his imagination. He was able to discern and relate very complex scientific concepts to everyday situations. His thought experiments, that he called Gedankenexperiments in German, used conceptual and not actual experiments to come up with groundbreaking theories.

Dr. Emoto's Proofs + If Human Thought Can Do This to Water

Nonlinear physics bridges thought to sound

Using synthetic birdsongs, Mindlin and his collaborators were able to recreate much of the neural response in zebra finches that was measured when using recordings of their real songs. These neural signatures, and how they relate to the sound production, offer a lot of insight to the neurobiology of language production as well as, perhaps surprisingly, to more purely fundamental physics. "The interesting thing is that it opens many question for the physics community, how to go from a neuron to the collective activities of muscle fibers and the microscopic control of the biomechanics. It's an open question for out of equilibrium statistical mechanics," Mindlin said.

Thought travels through Neural Network Circuit with Particle motion of God Particle, Neutrinos, and Neuron Connections returns in 12 hours with Neuroscientists

Neuroscientists Have Followed a Thought as It Moves Through The Brain We didn't think it was possible.…

“Perfection of rhythm, balanced perfection of rhythm. Everything in Nature is expressed by rhythmic waves of light. Every thought and action is a light-wave of thought and action. If one interprets the God within one, one's thoughts and actions must be balanced rhythmic waves. Ugliness, fears, failures and diseases arise from unbalanced thoughts and actions. Therefore think beauty always if one desire vitality of body and happiness..” – Walter Russell

The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop, Version 91

Architecture and Build with Curves + Horses, the Animal of Partnership + Everything Is

Everything + Horses, the Animal of Architecture + Building + Partnership

#CardOfTheDay Yesterday was a day of reflection. Today you get busy again! Keep your eyes open to wonderful new opportunities. If you have some ideas you’ve been wanting to implement, now is the time! I’ve peaked ahead at the "cards of the day" and you’re going to be getting a lot more validation from the Universe for your plans as the week progresses so stay tuned!

Dr. Emoto proves the word Angels on water is light in molecules of water

"Stop second guessing yourself. Yes, you can be fundamentally happy. Yes, you can become a millionaire. Yes, you can live at a consistently elevated level. Yes, you can change the status quo. If your higher being never second guesses your capability, what makes you think your logical mind is in a position to do so? When there is synchronized belief between your heart, spirit, and patterns of thinking, whatever you desire to achieve will be yours. Invariably. Inevitably. Period. Everything else is noise." -- Source Messages December 19


Scientific Proof of Meditation in the Miraculist’s Thought Circuit: “The better it gets, the better it gets with…” literal response from meditation built into several meditations over 5 years of hypnotherapy with mentor, meditations designed for me from mentor

The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop of Better and Better

Everything + Better

The Angels want you to know...

“Know that good changes are on the way. Well, all change is good as you are an evolving species, it just isn’t always seen that way when you are experiencing it, but know that when the dust has settled and you can clearly see the bigger picture, you will understand. Look to the future with hope and optimism and see these changes as bringing relief from challenging times and part of your infinite destiny to a better way.”

Thought for today: “You are on a path to better way.”

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported always, the angels

Thank you

Universal Copyright ©2020 by Sharon Taphorn All rights reserved.


Please share as long as copyright and website information are always included and ALL of the message is complete with full credit given to the author.


Version 76 Liebert Thing #4 Proof

The Miraculist's Infinite Game + Better

The correct responses are "Better Ideas"

Air Force Lt. Gen. speech

"Reinforce the fact that the little things in life matter" "Encouragement that tomorrow will be better"

If You Want to Change the World, Start Off by Making Your Bed - William McRaven, US Navy Admiral

"Why can't we listen to Aretha? If you want to feed your soul, listen to its Queen. You better think about what you're trying to do to me." "The Queen makes everything better"-- Kevin Hart, the Upside

PAX Queens

Aretha Think


#CardOfTheDay The angels want you to know that - believe it or not - there’s actually something better in store for you than what you’ve been requesting. My friends and I always end our prayers with “This or something better.” Keep your mind open and your eyes focused on what other options might present themselves in the coming days.

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

Addendum Simple positive feedback loop functionality with Understand Nature + Einstein


You have no idea how quickly things change for the better once you decide you deserve the best! Step into it! Feel it! Be it! You are so strong. Day by day your mindset and emotions are shifting. You are becoming who you truly are; pure greatness. Nothing can stop your evolution. You are growing in so many ways and there’s so much to be excited about. You came so far. You’ve done so many things. Today you stand strong. Give yourself that credit. You might be feeling so many different kind of changes happening in your life. You might be feeling like everything is coming together for you but at the same time so many things are not the same. Mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally you are being renewed! Your light is growing brighter and you’re remembering to love yourself, to trust who you are, and to live your truth. You’re remembering that you deserve better and that you can actually have it. This feeling is empowering you and freeing you from any thoughts or emotions that tried to limit you. You’re seeing beyond the illusions and awakening to your divine state that’s filled with love and blessings. You’re accepting yourself and you’re learning to receive what’s naturally always been yours. The universe works in your favor and loves you. Everything is okay and the more you accept that the more you see miracles happening for you. You recognizing your blessings is the start of you seeing your truth. You are extremely blessed! You have a great purpose! Trust your heart and be loving to yourself. You got this!


"I'm claiming it all as my life improves in all areas. I am a financial winner. My career is full of success. Mentally I am a winner. Emotionally I am Happy and full of Joy. Physically I am feeling fantastic throughout my body. I am Blessed with an awesome family. Love is upon me and it feels good. My life is getting better each and every day. TY" -- DD (Manifesting Happy)


Every day is a new day for me to switch things up. I can decide right now to choose a new way of thinking, to finally take action, and to stop procrastinating on my dreams. I have to make a better choice today. I keep evolving. I thrive in uncertain situations. I bounce back from challenges. I break free from cycles. I am resilient. I am unstoppable. I have what it takes. The unknown doesn’t scare me. I trust the dark moments. I am flourishing, blooming, and coming out on top. I am radiating, glowing, and becoming more energized daily. I have the power. I am the power. I claim a new reality. I am done judging myself. I am on a winning team. I am a winner and a strong spirit. I am supported in every way. My light is growing. I am starting to shine so bright everyone feels it. I can’t explain my natural gift. It’s so special. It’s so supernatural. I accept myself. Anything that doesn’t evolve me and grow me is a lie and an illusion. I stop going against myself today. I begin right now begin my own cheerleader. I have what it takes. The entire universe supports me because why else was I created? The source did not make a mistake. It’s all perfect. I affirm that. I believe. I live a divine life and it’s all magical. I am so grateful to be alive, to have a chance, and to do what I love. I am following my heart starting today. I am trusting myself and the signs right now. I am THANKFUL!


Imagery in balance of Masculine + Feminine Energies

Thanks to the Gentlemen for this sync with Happy

Trifecta: Keyword #1 Happy + Divine Masculine + King Energy + Emperor Energy

Divine Masculine

Addendum Think + Thoughts + The All is mental + Mind Over Matter

Anni Mirabiles The Miraculist Paper #12 The First Thought Circuit +

Anni Mirabiles The Miraculist Paper #1 Math and Imagery are Universal Languages

Better + Everything Logic Proof

Better Tomorrow

The Universe speaks to you every day through your conscience. What you believe, how you function in your world, how you live your life all moves through that filter. Over the course of your Earth-plane existence, you are offered opportunities to change and become a better version of yourself. Whether you choose to take those opportunities is based on your free will…the one thing that can never be taken from you. Your world is changing much more quickly than anticipated and this is your chance to begin shining brighter than ever. Disregard what others think, do what you feel is right and keep working toward the ultimate goal of peace. It is time to stand in your power and say, “I can be, I will, I am”, remembering you are building a better tomorrow. ~ Creator

Better + Better

Better + Best Day of the Year

Better and Better with Align

"I am attracting better because I have discovered that it all begins with me. I am going to change myself first so that everything can align for me. I am going to take responsibility for my life. The better I become, the better I attract."

Better and Better with Cooperation in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership

Version 45 Better and Better of First Thought Circuit + Good Things

Better and Better returns in 8 days

Better and Better returns in 1 day

Literal feedback from a meditation, scientific results “Better and Better” are scientific results of my meditations from my mentor for me, in my own quantum model, proves Thought Circuit and Tesla’s Aether)


Have so much hope in what’s unfolding in your life that it brings you so much ease right now to just smile and trust. You came too far. You overcame so much. Your strength has been reveled to you. You have experienced so many miracles and blessings. You don’t want one little mishap or challenge to suddenly make you forget everything you are. Don’t allow guilt to trap you. You’re entering a new state of self-awareness. You’re getting better by the day. You’re evolving so much and it only makes sense when you look back just to see how much you’ve grown. Now imagine where you’re headed? It’s somewhere incredible because you know no amount of difficulty can block the blessings unraveling in your life. You are beyond blessed. You are beyond gifted. You are so wise and so strong. You have the answer right now. Just breathe for a moment and readjust your inner self to remember who you are and what you’re made of. This will give you a new found energy right now that lifts you up and expands your heart/mind. You’re headed somewhere incredible!  EVERYTHING KEEPS GETTING BETTER FOR ME!

Better and Better

You have the talents and the skills to create great things

It is important that you believe in yourself and your abilities to create. Visualize your hopes and your dreams manifesting in your life and trust that this is so, without any doubt what so ever that this is true. This is a key to consciously creating with the Divine. You can do anything you set your mind when you take charge and remove the words “I can’t” from your vocabulary. This is not always easy at first, but it will lead you to the path of least resistance when you let go. You can manifest what you need to be successful.

Positive changes are on the way. You have much to celebrate as you feel the welcome relief from troubled times. Allow for deep feelings of peace and happiness to permeate your being and your life and know that there are far better things ahead than those you are leaving behind. Release any thoughts or feelings or even people that do not support your growth and move forward with anticipation and expectancy. You are on the right path to help you best reach your desired destination. Hold true to yourself and your ideals and keep charging ahead.

The Mantra for today is:”I am grateful for the abundant life I live and each day it gets better and better. Life is Good!”

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels

Thank you Universal Copyright ©2016 by Sharon Taphorn All rights reserved. Please share articles as long as copyright and contact info are always included and the message is complete and credit is given to the author. ♥♥♥

Everything you need is available to you

There is no better time than right now to believe in yourself, your goals, and the abundant possibilities this world has to offer you. Trust your inner feelings of support and encouragement. Mental thoughts will come in and it is up to you to choose the ones that help you get to those goals and transform the ones that don’t.

Try transforming doubt, and ‘your not good enough’ immediately into something like ‘You can do this’, ‘I’ve got this’ or ‘I am ready for this’. Make a statement that empowers you and leads you to a better feeling place.

Thought for today: Tell a positive story about yourself and your life. See things as good and getting better every day and believe in yourself.

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported always, the angels

Thank you

Universal Copyright ©2018 by Sharon Taphorn All rights reserved.

Please share articles as long as copyright and contact info are always included and the message is complete and credit is given to the author. ♥♥♥

The First Thought Circuit by T. Katz with Tesla's Key of 3

Miraculous + Metaphysics

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