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Natural Focus builds a Natural Model in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership + The Miraculist's Infinite Game generates time

A Nonlinear System is successfully built by leveraging both Single Focus (natural to Men) and Diffuse Awareness (Natural to Women) simultaneously. If Track Vision (Men) focuses on the single particle Vibration (Word/Image), and a system is built by many particles, on frequency waves (Diffuse Awareness (Mindful of all particles at once/PAX Women mindful of every living thing in its environment with Sum of All Motion in a Nonlinear System), then it proves Elegant Cooperation and Partnership and Efficiency.

Core of Focus

Understanding Focus in Male and Female Brain as to how Energy Particles are in Motion (Tesla’s Key of 3 as Particle is Vibration and Waves are Frequencies)

The First Ever Photographed Light as both a Particle and a Wave

Particle on a Wave (Vibration on a Frequency)

Diffuse Awareness (Female OS) Sum of all Motions (Nonlinear Systems)

Core Motion on The Miraculist

Rotational Symmetry

Sum of all Motions

Torus Motion

Wave Mechanics

Wave Mechanics + Einstein

Wave Mechanics in Motion

"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.

~ Albert Einstein.

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Feminine + Masculine => Focus on the positive = Higher energy = feel good/happy/joy/peace = best self = Victories of Human Spirit in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership

Elegant Cooperation and Partnership provides Efficiency...

Higher Frequency conserves energy, Keywords in loop mechanism provide focus of higher frequency

Efficient/Efficiency in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership in a Nonlinear Physics System Efficient/Efficiency is a core component of Elegant Cooperation and Partnership

Imagery and Particles in Motion: In balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies, the Win Win: TM’s Nonlinear System allows women to stay out of Man-Mode and keep their energy (Law of Conservation of Energy that matches Sum Motion of Particles/Toroidal Code and Flow/Rotational Symmetry that matches neural networks and thoughts). The Nonlinear System matches Diffuse Awareness, and it takes women 16x the energy to focus like a man. This conserves and restores their energy, as it is natural to women. The model speaks to Men literally in visuals. Men's single focus on the particle (vibration) helps to expand the focus, in the positive.

ECP Efficiency

Women better in nonlinear, saves 16x energy

A Nonlinear Physics system is Natural to Women with Diffuse Awareness, and it’s healthier for energy work

This is why the TM Nonlinear Physics system with Sum Motion of Particles/Toroidal Code and Flow/Rotational Symmetry is HEALTHIER for Women. It takes us out of Man-Mode, and it empowers, generates, restores, and improves our energy, so we can be our best selves.

So, women are the great adapters of the Universe, as well as the velcro in creating communities. We naturally make connections. Women adapt to Single Focus (Masculine OS), especially in the work place which takes us 16x the energy to do so. Nonlinear Physics System like The Miraculist, with Diffuse Awareness is healthier for women energetically, because it’s natural, including regeneration (T. Katz, The Miraculist) without the demand of more energy, making it more efficient (Elegant Cooperation and Partnership core). But now, the Alpha Gentlemen are showing us that Divine Masculine is adapting to Diffuse Awareness in Receptivity (Feminine OS) as vetted by Tesla. PAX Partnership.

True to model build, the solution again comes first before the problem with Infinite Game Generates Time

Solution: Infinite Game to Generate Time: 5.) You play to generate time instead of consume it  Read more at:…/6-signs-you-may-be-an-in… | Problem: Now he’s experienced how “mind time” changes over the much longer span of his whole life. “During the past 20 years I noticed how my time is slipping away, faster and faster, and how I am complaining that I have less and less time,” he says. It’s a sentiment he hears echoed by many around him.

‘Mind time’ and ‘clock time’ are two totally different things. They flow at varying rates. …flow and, basically, believes physics principles can explain everything. He has written extensively about how the principles of flow in physics dictate and explain the movement of abstract concepts, like economics. Last year, he won the Franklin Institute’s Benjamin Franklin Medal for “his pioneering interdisciplinary contributions…and for constructal theory, which predicts natural design and its evolution in engineering, scientific, and social systems…. who reviewed previous studies in a range of fields on time, vision, cognition, and mental processing to reach his conclusion—time as we experience it represents perceived changes in mental stimuli. It’s related to what we see. As physical mental-image processing time and the rapidity of images we take in changes, so does our perception of time. And in some sense, each of us has our own “mind time” unrelated to the passing of hours, days, and years on clocks and calendars, which is affected by the amount of rest we get and other factors. Bejan is the first person to look at time’s passage through this particular lens, he tells Quartz, but his conclusions rest on findings by other scientists who have studied physical and mental process related to the passage of time.

Time is happening in the mind’s eye. It is related to the number of mental images the brain encounters and organizes and the state of our brains as we age. When we get older, the rate at which changes in mental images are perceived decreases because of several transforming physical features, including vision, brain complexity, and later in life, degradation of the pathways that transmit information. And this shift in image processing leads to the sense of time speeding up.

Toroidal is Efficient


The Torus (Latin for Ring) is the perfected geometry of the human energy field.

It is the shape of the human zygote after 512 cell division, thus it stores all the Memory of We Are.

It is essentially a sphere that has imploded to form a doughnut-like shape, highly efficient,

having maximum volume for mininum surface area.

That is why smoke-rings take this form, as it is a dynamic and intelligent way for atoms to move through space.

The iris of the eye is also a torus, as this perfected geometry captures light at the optimum level.

In fact, everything is a torus, a proton, an apple, the planet earth with its dimpled north and south poles

are all torii (plural).

This 4th dimensional imploded sphere is the Language of Higher Dimensions.

It must be taught to all children of all ages, so that our future designs ring with this psycho-active hyper geometries.

It permits connection between the atomic world and the galactic. Make use of it.

Jain 108


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