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Successful Positive Disruptions May 2017 -- 2019

Case study: documented and vetted

Proves Energy Math Model yields solution before problem

Disruption of Non-Positive/Negative Feedback Loops through Protons with The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop with Tesla's Aether and Miraculous 528 Hz Frequency with Infinite Positive Possibilities

Positive Possibilities

1. Disruption of neurodegenerative creation through blocking inference in E & P Theory (Genetic inference of getting a disease)

2. Disruption of neurodegenerative neural networks with daily Happy and Joy (Chopra), Miracle, and higher frequencies (model proven in feedback on keywords)

2. Disruption of non-positive/negative feedback loops of cortisol with dopamine and serotonin (thought circuit) + turmeric (anti-inflammatory alkaline foods)

3. Disruption of non-positive/negative feedback loops of narcissism/dark triad (Hermetics + Greenlight + Infinite Game + Governing Dynamics)

18 daily Keywords Proved this section on habits, behaviors, and motivations

Identical rewiring methodology with Timeframe of 21 days to 90 days with Dopamine and Serotonin in a perfect positive loop for maximum benefits, ideally work on positive thinking every day forever

Identical methodology for Regeneration/Regenerative + Empowerment, zero differences

Rewiring returns for Empowerment

How to rewire your brain for massive success, according to neuroscience

Study shows dopamine plays a role in musical pleasure

Habits return in 9 days with evolve to Lifestyle at 90 days, solidification of Habit from previous discussion. Keywords set in 30 days in the energy has been proven 18 times.

Keywords set in 30 days in the energy.


EE. Habits, 30 days, and Loop (syncs with Bruce Lipton on Habits)

30 days of Happy

In two prior parts, the discussion of Habits not on 21 days, but 30 days. In working with Keyword syncs, it takes 30 days for a Keyword or Key Concept to begin exploration. Even at 400+ days, new expressions and explorations of a Keyword or Key Concept.

While working in the Organic Infinite Feedback Circuit Loop, Maslow’s needs work better as well. Maslow’s needs, in Physics is the guru, helps to understand that if I know what I like to eat, then I understand myself.

In a previous discussion, pyramid structures create competition because one or a few are fixed at the top. Maslow’s needs work better in a loop, not a pyramid, as confirmed with every experience can move us forward.

If anything stays at the top the most, it’s Physics, because the new paradigm is Physics is the new guru. This is being in partnership with the Divine, energy, in Quantum Physics Intention, Habits, Behavior, and Routine return with Brain and Neuroscience with Natural from Habits, Behaviors, Motivation, Intention, and Inspiration

Negative/Non-Positive Feedback Loops

Electrons have their own spiral (not like Protons)

It's called a "chiral surface exciton," and it consists of particles and anti-particles bound together and swirling around each other on the surface of solids, according to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Chiral refers to entities, like your right and left hands, that match but are asymmetrical and can't be superimposed on their mirror image.

Read more at:

Cortisol (Inflammation) Cancer A-symmetry

Positive Possibilities: Cancer is described as a non-positive feedback loop, therefore a positive loop had to be its counterpart. Non-positive feedback loops are also found in neurodegenerative diseases and high levels of cortisol. The core concept is a gentle disruptive ability in the mechanism of the non-positive feedback loop, to the positive, utilizing the function of The Organic Infinite Positive Feedback Circuit Loop.

The positive of negative feedback loops with biology, and advancement in cures for diseases Disruption of p53’s negative feedback loops results in cancer cells becoming extremely sensitive to radiation. Multiple clinical trials are underway to target p53 or its feedback loop.” Read more at:…/2016-06-negative-feedback-loops-function-…

Cortisol Non-positive Feedback Loop

Synthetic Biology Comes into Its Own

Researchers create novel genetic circuits that give insight into, and are inspired by, nature.

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