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8,500 miles in distance with DM + DF in Elegant Cooperation and Partnership on The Miraculist's Field at 528 Hz

"Our cosmos is a perfectly tuned instrument!

The Magic of .2732"

It is quite amazing the Dance between the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. The mathematics that govern their cycles are intimately connected.

As you know, our Earth dances around the Sun every 365.25 days, with the Moon revolving around the Earth every 27.32 days-the length of the sidereal month.

There exists a remarkable decimal connection between these dual circular motions? The reciprocals of their orbits correspond to:

1/27.32 = 0.0366 and

1/366 = 0.002732

This means that the length of the lunar month exactly corresponds to a solar leap year!

It also happens that the radius of the Moon measures 0.272 Earth radii.

These perfected astronomical and mathematical harmonics could explain why, during a solar eclipse, the Moon's disk is exactly the right size to cover the Sun.

It seems that our cosmos is a perfectly tuned instrument!

Also, the ratio between the mass of the Moon and the mass of the Earth is 1:81

(where 81 = 3x3x3x3 or 3 to the power of 4 or 3^4).

As a fraction, this is expressed as 1/81 and when we convert this to a decimal,

it becomes .012345679 repeater meaning the decimals go forever like this:

.012345679 012345679 012345679 012345679 012345679 012345679 012345679.

To explain this curious property of the decimalized reciprocal of 81's "missing number 8 sequence",

we could rewrite it as an infinite sum of numbers:

1/81 = 0.0123456789 (10) (11) (12) (13) etc or as:

0.0 + 0.01 + 0.002 + 0.0003 + 0.00004 and on out to infinity.

What I am investigating, is the deep structure of the Logos, which is essentially numbers.

The relationship between these three heavenly bodies could not be set up more precisely. What's more, the number 0.2732 can be calculated by pure geometry. Inscribe a circle within a square; it is the ratio between the area of the remainder of the square after the circle has been cut out and the area of the circle. For a circle of diameter 2 inches inside a square whose side is 2 inches long, the ratio is (4-p)/p = 0.2732.

Regarding this decimal appearance of .273, we could state that a human fetus spends exactly 10 sidereal months-inside the womb which is 273 days, but you may argue that not all babies are born exactly at 10 moons gestation.

Is it a coincidence that Absolute Zero, the lowest theoretical temperature possible when all motion stops, is -273.2 Celsius? This number depends upon the Celsius temperature scale, which is based upon the freezing and boiling points of water.

Nature connects moons, fetuses and water; joining them with precision, reminding us of a Creator.

One final, though important reference to this ubiquitous number .2732 is the timeless relationship to the Square and the Circle. Lets see how God's pure geometry can derive this number again:

Inscribe a circle within a square; it is the ratio between the area of the remainder of the square after the circle has been cut out and the area of the circle. For a circle of diameter 2 meters, inside a square whose side is also 2 meters long, the eternal ratio is (4-pi)/pi = 0.2732.

There are many more examples like this yielding this harmonic of .2732... but all we need to know now is that a highly intelligent and Divine Mind underpins all Creation.

Jain 108

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“Nature’s process of Cubing”

Pythagoras’ holy number of creation, 2,500 years ago,

was the number 27,

for it is the Trinity that has been trinitized:

3x3x3 giving 27 cells or quanta.

This Rubik’s-Cube like manifestation is a centre-stone of creation,

having around its nucleus the Wheel of 27 spokes.

The outer 27 tips or emanations are seen pairing or splitting or forking,

suggesting that 27 doubles to become 54,

and this doubles to become 108, 216, 432, 864, 1728 ad infinitum.

1728 is another cubic number 12x12x12.

This larger cube of 12^3 or 1728 divided by the original cube of 3^3 or 27 gives 64

which is another cube: 4x4x4 or 4^3.

Thus the process of cubing, of growth and reproduction is a continuous experience,

where the apparent starting point of 3 cubed was the seed.

Jain 108

27 HOURS IN A DAY – Cosmic Time

In Hindu astrology, the nakshatras are divisions of 13 degrees 20 minutes starting from zero Aries and ending at 30 degrees of Pisces, 13.20 divided into the 12 signs is 27. The nakshatras are referred to as the lunar mansions because the Moon moves approximately 13.20 per day, therefore, resides in one nakshatra per day. A nakshatra is one of 27 (sometimes also 28) sectors along the ecliptic (the path of the sun and the planets as they move from East to West).

Since 27 in this context refers to Time, there has been revealed some amazing research by Bruce Cathie (the New Zealand commercial pilot who gaves us the maths and geometry of Leylines surrounding the Earth) who states that Cosmic Time is based on 27 hrs per day rather than Earth Time which is 24.

Cathie said the Atom-Builders used this knowledge of 27 hrs to make precise calculations when a nuclear bomb could detonate, he said you cant just drop a bomb and it goes off, it has to obey the 27 hr clock and be dropped at a nodal point on the Earth Grid… that is why nuclear threats is a lie or a distortion to create fear, because they actually can be predicted in advance, when that special geometric time and place opens like a door.

27 is indeed one of the many anointed numbers. It is the famous and fascinating Rubik’s Cube!

Pythagoras revered 27, as I also do, it is 3 cubed and perhaps we should have 27 letters in our English now Universal Alphabet.

Scientists are now studying the circadian or bio-rhythms of insects or their biological clock, and have concluded that the 27 hr cycle is part of Nature’s natural constitution.

Jain 108

SACRED NUMBER 864: Vedic Time Travel

An important Sequence, one that is generated when it is continually doubled, and beginning with the Triple 9 or 3×9 or 27 (Pythagoras’ most special Number) begets all the sacred harmonic numbers. Sometimes I like to call this sequence the “Binary of 27” which is just a reference to continued doubling.

Start with 27 and keep doubling:

27 – 54 – 108 – 216 (=6x6x6) – 432 – 864 – 1728 (=12x12x12) – 3,456 – etc

The Number 864 crops up in Vedic Time Travel charts that looks at time in terms of micro-seconds and galactic long wave periods called Yugas or length of celestial Ages.

I am here listing only a few of them especially those numbers of time that are anointed numbers like 24, 72, 144, 108, 360, 432, 864 etc.

1 Nadika = 1,440 seconds = 15 Laghus = 24 seconds

1 Devasa and Ratri = 86,000 seconds = 8 Prahara or 30 Muharata (1 muharata = 2,880 seconds) = 1,440 minutes = 24 hours = 1 Day.

1 Paksha = 1,296,000 seconds = 21,600 minutes = 360 hours = 15 days.

1 Masa = 2,592,000 seconds = 2 Pakshas = 43,200 minutes = 1,440 hours = 30 days.

1 Ritu = 5,184,000 seconds = 2 Masa = 86,400 minutes = 1,440 hours = 60 days.

1 Ayana = 15,552,000 seconds = 3 Ritu = 259,200 minutes = 4,320 hours = 180 days.

1 Hindu Year = 31,104,000 seconds = 2 Ayana = 518,400 minutes = 8,640 hours = 360 days.

1 Solar Year = 365.2587565 days.

Life Of Pitr = 1,080,000 days. 100 Pitr Years = 3,000 years.

1 Deva Year = 129,600 Days = 12 Deva Months = 360 Years.

1 Sat Yuga = 1,728,000 Hindu Years.

1 Treta Yuga = 1,296,000 Hindu Years.

1 Dwapar Yuga = 864,000 Hindu Years.

1 Kali Yuga = 432,000 Hindu Years.

1 Maha Yuga = 4,320,000 Hindu Years.

1 Sandhi Kala = 1,728,000 Hindu Years.

1 Kalpa = 1,000 Maha Yuga = 4,320,000,000 Hindu Years.

1 Day Of Brahma = 24,000,000 Deva Years = 2 Kalpas of Day and Night = 8,640,000,000 Hindu Years

(This is based on 1 Day of Brahma = 12,000,000 Deva Years. Manifestation of Universe. Day is Manifestation, and

1 Night of Brahma = 12,000,000 Deva Years. Demanifestation of Universe. Night is Brahma Sleep).

1 Hour of Brahma = 1,000,000 Deva Years = 60 Brahma minutes = 360,000,000 Hindu Years.

1 Month of Brahma = 720,000,000 Deva Years = 30 Brahma days.

1 Year of Brahma = 432,000,000,000 Deva Years = 12 Brahma months.

1 Pararddham = 8,640,000,000 Deva Years = 50 Brahma years.

Life of Brahma (Param) = 864,000,000,000 = 2 Pararddham = 311,040,000,000,000.

Jain 108

(Thanks to Vinay Mangal of who compiled this Vedic Time Travel Chart)

You Rock

Today’s message is simple, You are totally awesome and we want you to realize that, more than anything. Even if it is just for today, you got out there and pretend you’ve got this and you rock! Don’t let anyone else dull your sparkle… it is just for today. Tomorrow you can go back there if you want to, but just for today…

You Rock, You got this, and you are awesome!

Thought for today: You are Totally Awesome! You Rock, You got this, and you are awesome!

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported always, the angels

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji

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This week too is filled with good energy and positive vibrations. Allow yourself to be excited, make wonderful plans and be certain that they will pull through with the best result for you.

Any outings will turn out magnificent, any projects will be full of fun, any gatherings full of laughter. Yes there are good news for this week, and for most of you these news will come and make you excited to be alive.

Blessings to all.


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